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    jingle and mingle (campus experience)


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    jingle and mingle (campus experience)

    Post by Admin on Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:52 am

    Episode 1
    Grandma: Sweetheart, don’t get me wrong. I’m
    proud that you got accepted but… I’m going to
    miss seeing you everyday”. She sobbed and
    watching her broke my heart, causing me to cry
    with her and wrap my arms around her small
    Me: Grandma, I’ll be fine. I will come and visit you
    whenever I can. I promise. I said to my lovely
    grandma as she took a hold of my arm, preventing
    me from packing up.
    Grandma: I’m going to miss the way I woke up,
    seeing you with my breakfast in hand and showing
    me that beautiful smile of yours. Just like your
    mother used too…”
    I cried even more as I heard about my mother and
    broke down completely, knees weakening.
    Me: I miss her. I sobbed. I missed them
    Grandma: I miss them too, but remember, they are
    watching you from above. They’re proud of you, I
    know they are”.
    Me: I wish they were still here to congratulate me,
    hug me, kiss me. I need them
    Grandma: Honey, don’t cry, please. They wouldn’t
    want you to cry, they hated watching you like this.
    Your father would go nuts when you came home
    with tears streaming down your face. And your
    mother would do whatever she could to bring
    back the smile on your face. It would always work.
    Indomie noodles with egg were your weakness”.
    She said and I laughed through the tears.
    Me: She would make the best Noodles food ever. It
    was like heaven with every bite you took from
    them. I smiled, wiping away my tears and she
    wiped away her own. I get to start packing up
    Grandma, I’ll go down in a few
    Grandma: Ok sweetheart, I’m baking some goodies
    so you could take them with you. She winked and
    I giggled.
    Me: Thanks Grandma, you’re the best!
    I kissed her cheek gently and she walked out of
    my room, while I continued to pack up for School.
    After I filled 2 luggages, 3 small travel bags, and
    my backpack, I skilled my own down the stairs and
    was greeted by the amazing view of goodies on the
    kitchen counter.
    Grandma: Slow down, grandma giggled and I
    stopped stuffing my face, lifting my head up and
    smiling at her with my mouth full
    Me: Hi grandma. I tried to say but all that came out
    was chocolate goodies, splattering all over the
    floor. “Ooopsss”
    She shook her head, grinning and walked over to
    grab the broom.
    Grandma: I’m sure going to miss you.. she
    commented as she broomed the chewed up
    cupcakes and I giggled taking a proper bite of my
    4th cupcake
    Me: Me too, I chuckled … “Hey grandma”
    Grandma: Yes dear?
    Me: Where’s Bentley? I asked her, noticing that my
    golden teacup dog hasn’t came downstairs to lick
    my face like he does everyday.
    Grandma: Oh! She said like if she forgot to tell me
    something. “Sandra took him for a walk”.
    Me: Right. I said, taking another bit of my delicious
    cupcake. “Will she be back soon?”
    Grandma: Yeah, she said she was just going to take
    him around the block”
    Me: Oh okay
    Just then, the doorbell rang.
    Me: My baby! I squealed, running to the door.
    “Hey Bentley” I said in a high pitched voice,
    kneeling down and immediately got tackled, losing
    my balance and falling on my back, Bentley
    climbing on top of me to lick my face. “I love you
    too, boy” I giggled, pushing him off of me and
    stood up from the floor.
    Me: Hey Sandra. I smiled and three my arms
    around her
    Sandra: Hey Nike
    Me: How’s Rasheed? I asked and she huffed,
    making me giggle
    Sandra: Him and his player ways are never going
    to change. She replied.
    Me: Typical. I laughed, flicking my wrist in the air
    Sandra: Ugh, I hate it. His room is right next to
    mine and I always hear his booty calls screaming
    and moaning. She rolled her eyes.
    I gasped “Poor little Sandra and her innocent
    She hit my arm playfully “I’m not that innocent”
    Me: Down boy! I spoke, but it was too late, he had
    already jumped on top of Sandra, knocking the
    remaining of air I had left, out of me.
    Sandra giggled as Bentley licked her face and I
    struggled to get them off of myself “OFF NOW!” I
    snapped and she hurriedly jumped off of me.
    Me: Thank you. I dusted away my jeans as I stood
    up and walked up the stairs.
    Sandra: Where are you going? She asked following
    behind me.
    Me: I gotta leave in about an hour. I replied,
    opening the door to my room.
    Sandra: Sucks to be you
    Me: Are you serious? It’s college we’re talking
    about. One I got accepted into! How does that
    suck in any way?
    Sandra: You’re going to share a room with
    complete strangers. Dirty environment. She
    explained and I sighed, plopping down on my bed.
    Me: Yeah, that does kinda suck truly. But this is
    Naija na. We have no other choice.
    Sandra: I will miss you. She sighed and I looked up
    at her
    Me: I’m going to miss you too. But, I’ll visit
    whenever I can, okay?”
    She smiled “okay”
    Me: I will call as soon as I get there, ok? I told my
    grandma and Sandra as I placed my last bag in the
    trunk waiting for the driver to take straight to
    Ogun State.
    Grandma: Ok sweety, I will visit as soon as I can”.
    She spoke on the edge of tears and I gave her a
    warm smile before pulling her in for a hug.
    Me: ok grandma. I love you
    I hopped in the car, kabiru, the driver started the
    engine, I smiled as I waved to grandma as she shut
    her eyes, turned around, and walked back inside
    the house
    Grandma: Kabiru, make sure you return as soon as
    Driver: Ok mama. I go come back quick quick
    I took a deep breath, as Kabiru gripped the wheel
    tighter, and stepped on the gas pedal, making our
    way to Adeleke University in Ogun State.
    Question: What can you say about this interesting
    Stay tuned for Episode 2

    Posts : 23
    Reputation : 0
    Join date : 2017-12-14
    Age : 19
    Location : Naija


    Post by Admin on Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:56 am


    After a long, tiring, 45mins drive, we finally arrived
    at Adeleke University’s parking lot closer to Bello
    Hostel and parked on the one closest to the
    I slowly opened the vehicle door and ever so
    gently placed my foot on the ground. Yeah, I
    always like to be dramatic. It makes me tingle in
    excitement knowing that at least 20 students that
    will be attending with me just saw how dramatic I
    am. I could easily be the next Genevieve Nnaji you
    New Friend: Hey!
    Someone greets, startling me and causing me to
    lose my balance for a moment before I hold myself
    up by the car we brought.
    Me: Hi! I finally reply, straightening my posture
    and pulling down the hem of my skirt
    New Friend: Mabel, nice to meet you” she
    introduces herself and holds out her arm for me
    to shake.
    I look down at it before putting my attention back
    to her face. I don’t know where the hand has
    Me: Uhhh! Nike. I smile, finally taking her hand in
    mine and shaking it twice before letting it go and
    look around like an idiot.
    She looks around as well, nothing else left to say.
    Mabel: It’s a very nice university, one of the best in
    the country. So, I was wrong
    Me: Very nice, indeed. I agree
    Mabel: Shall we enter and take a look at the
    Me: Sure. I reply as I face Kabiru to assist me
    carrying my luggage. “Kabiru please carry my
    luggage and follow us”
    Kabiru: Ok small madam. I’m doing that now
    Mabel surprises me by taking a hold of my arm
    and entwines it with her own, kinda like how a
    father does when he’s walking his daughter down
    the aisle towards her soon to be husband, that is,
    if he doesn’t chicken out and leaves her hanging.
    I get pulled out of my own inner conversation
    when I notice that we had already entered the
    building, immediately being surrounded with the
    fresh air from the air conditioner and students
    crowding around.
    While we are walking down, I catch myself
    drooling over a gorgeous boy that is definitely
    taller than me, strong figure, perfect hair formed
    into a marvelous quaff, and I can’t quite see his
    face but who cares, it must be flawless from what I
    can see at a distance.
    I’m pulled away from my glance when Mabel tugs
    at my arm and pulls me the opposite direction
    from the sexy beast.
    Mabel: Focus friend. We’re going to become really
    good friends. She said with a smile on her face and
    continues to drag me towards an unknown
    She finally stops in front of a desk and I look
    around to see that it’s a little office.
    Lady: Names? The lady sitting at the desk asks
    Mabel: Mabel Abiodun. She replies before me,
    offering the lady, which by looking at her name
    tag pinned to her shirt, her name is Linda.
    Linda: Okay. She looks through a cabinet and pulls
    out, what seems to be her schedule and hands it
    to her “Room 300, here’s your key” She hands her
    a key with the number handing from the key chain
    and turns her attention towards me.
    Linda: Oh Nike Jade! I smile and she nods her
    head, looking back down at the cabinet and pulls
    out my schedule. She then takes out a key and
    hands it to me as well. “Room 305”
    Me: Thank you Linda. I wave at her and she waves
    back with a smile as Mabel drags me out of the
    office. “Must you drag me everywhere?” I chuckle,
    but she just continues to drag me along towards a
    building. I read the sign at the top of the two
    doors and read “300’s”… “ Are we in the same
    Mabel: You barely noticed
    Me: Nice way of telling me I’m slow huh?
    Mabel: I thought it was obvious” she looks back at
    me and smirks
    Kabiru left back home after helping me with my
    luggages. The giggling and yelling with Mabel was
    interrupted when she bumps into another girl as
    she looks back at me, causing the girl to drop her
    Mabel: Oh my god, I’m so sorry. Here, I will help
    you. She says and kneels down to recollect her
    books from the ground and hands them back to
    Lady: Thank you. She replies shyly and I can’t help
    but giggle
    Mabel: No problem, I’m Melanie. She introduces
    herself and does the same thing she did to me
    outside the building, she extends out her arm
    towards her.
    Lady: Patricia. She responds and shakes her hand,
    looking down when she lets go.
    Me: I’m Nike. Nice to meet you. I smile as I walk up
    to her and surprise her when I wrap my arms
    around her. “Can I call you Patty? I ask once I pull
    Patricia: Sure. She smiles, lifting her head up
    higher. “Only I can call you Nikki?
    Me: I giggle “Of course. Oh and Mabel, I’m calling
    you Mel”
    Mabel: I thought you would never ask. She says,
    Patricia: I didn’t ask, I said I was calling you like
    that, whether you liked it or not.
    Mabel: Geez. She rolls her eyes “Rude much?”
    Me: My future Husband! Wait, What is Patty
    giggling with him? Oh hell no! Do I need to cut this
    I turn my attention back to Patty and notice that
    she’s walking towards him. Oh how I wish I had a
    wolf! My anger builds up.
    Me: Wait! Why am I so mad when he’s not even
    mine or I never even met him? He can be her
    boyfriend for all I know. Oh god! Please no!
    I watch as they wrap their arms around each other
    and I feel a piece of my heart fall to the pit of my
    Question: Who is the future Husband Nike is
    referring to? What can you say about this
    interesting story so far?
    Stay tuned for Episode 3

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