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    LIBYA HORRO! we saw as 59 Nigerians were shot dead-returnee couple


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    LIBYA HORRO! we saw as 59 Nigerians were shot dead-returnee couple

    Post by Admin on Sun Dec 17, 2017 7:32 am

    As another 228 Libya returnees arrived Benin-City, last
    Wednesday, Omo N’Oba N’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba
    Ewuare II has thrown his weight behind the fight against
    human trafficking.
    Oba Ewuare II, who spoke during the inauguration of
    the Edo State Council of Traditional Rulers and Chiefs by
    Governor Godwin Obaseki, condemned the act and
    expressed disappointment at the Nigerian Embassy in
    Libya and the Libyan government for their inability to
    tackle the crisis.
    The monarch regretted that it was particularly
    frustrating that it took a report by the Cable News
    Network (CNN) for government and other stakeholders
    to respond to the crisis.
    The crisis, he said, could have been better managed if
    relevant authorities had lived up to their responsibilities,
    saying they allowed it to fester instead.
    He commended the governor for his efforts to resettle
    the Libya returnees through skills acquisition
    Obaseki, who also spoke at the occasion, described the
    situation in Libya as sad and unacceptable and assured
    that his administration would continue to partner the
    traditional council in the areas of law, order and
    security, stemming the tide of illegal migration,
    environmental sanitation, registration of Edo citizens
    and the mobilisation of indigenes and residents to
    participate in government policies and programmes,
    settlement of land disputes, agriculture, amongst others.
    Of the 228 latest returnees, 39 were women, six of
    whom were pregnant; four were children while others
    were men.
    Sunday Vanguard spoke with a couple, Mr and Mrs
    Kingslay, who claimed to have watched as 59 Nigerians
    were shot dead, 19-year-old Precious, who had a baby
    in Libyan prison, and Blessing who had no training in
    nursing but providence pushed her to midwife the
    delivery of five children inside the prison. Their stories:
    Mr Kingsley said he decided to embark on the journey
    to Europe via Libya with his wife. Though they were
    unable to get to their destination, which is Italy, God
    gave them a baby girl in Libya
    “I travelled with my wife through Kano. From
    Kano we went to Alghadez, Saba, Tripoli and
    Sabescerine. When we got to Tripoli, I paid
    N1million to somebody for myself and my wife
    for the Mediterranean Sea crossing to Italy but
    we ended staying there for over one year there.
    And to make matters worse, there was no money
    because there was no work. I always called my
    brother in Nigeria to help us with some to eat.
    That country is a disaster; they enjoy killing
    blacks, especially Nigerians. About 59 Nigerians
    were shot dead in my presence. One of my
    friends was shot on the leg and the leg was
    amputated. They pushed me and my wife into
    the boat to cross the sea but Libyan militia
    arrested us and took us to prison. I called my
    brother in Nigeria who sent money to us. I gave
    the militia the money and we were released
    from prison. We waited for our man to come and
    push us again across the sea but while we were
    waiting, the militia boys came again and
    started shooting. People started running and I
    could not escape with my wife carrying our baby,
    so we surrendered and they took us to prison.
    Some people, who tried to run away, were shot
    dead. We spent two weeks in the prison and it
    was there that we registered and they returned
    us to Nigeria. And what these Libya people
    always did was that whenever the United Nations
    people came, they will quickly take out some
    Nigerians and hide them in another prison, so
    that they will not register them and take them
    home. They do this because they want to be
    using those people to collect money from
    families in Nigeria. And in that prison they don’t
    feed you. And they will beat the hell out of you
    whenever you fail to bring money from you
    relations. That place is hell on earth.
    Kingsley’s wife: We saw many dead bodies in the
    Were you not scared traveling with you husband to
    No I left everything to God. I became pregnant when I
    got there. We passed through the desert and saw many
    dead bodies on the ground. When I was pregnant, I
    never went to see any doctor or nurse because there
    was nobody to help you. But I thank God that on the
    day of delivery, it was very successful. One woman who
    had experience in delivering babies helped me.
    I am happy I returned alive because many people died,
    some came back with ailments or broken hand or leg
    but I thank God I came back alive with my family.
    I am happy to be back home. But I will never advise
    anybody to go to Libya. It is not a place that anyone
    should go. They shoot gun every minute and they had
    no value for life.

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